The Priority Program aims at identifying
the functionally relevant ncRNAtarget interactions
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Emerging roles of
non-coding RNAs in
nervous system
plasticity & disease

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Marburg 2017

last publications

Artegiani B, de Jesus Domingues AM, Bragado Alonso A, Brandl E, Massalini S, Dahl A and Calegari F. Tox: A multifunctional transcription factor and novel regulator of mammalian corticogenesis. - EMBOJ, 34:896-910. Highlight in EMBO J, 37:832-4, In press

Aprea J and Calegari F Long non-coding RNAs in Corticogenesis: Deciphering the Non-Coding Code of the Brain. - EMBO J, In press

Beata Stepniak, Anne Kästner, Giulia Poggi, Marina Mitjans, Martin Begemann, Annette Hartmann, Sandra Van der Auwera, Farahnaz Sananbenesi, Dilja Krueger-Burg, Gabriela Matuszko, Cornelia Brosi, Georg Homuth, Henry Völzke, FritzBenseler, Claudia Bagni, Utz Fischer, Alexander Dityatev, Hans-Jörgen Grabe, DanRujescu, Andre Fischer, Hannelore Ehrenreich Accumulated common variants in the broader fragile X gene family modulate autistic phenotypes. - EMBO Molecular Medicine (2015) 7, 1565-1579, In press

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Type : Meeting
When : 21 - 24 June, 2017
Where : Anneliese Pohl Allee 7-17, 35037 Marburg, Hesse, A

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First Annual Retreat of the SPP1738
Marburger Haus, Kleinwalsertal

Junior Researcher exchange program
Short-term visits (1-2 weeks) in SPP1738 member laboratories are funded with up to 1,000 Euro to cover expenses for travel and accommodation. Costs for lab reagents and equipment are not eligible. In exceptional cases, stays in non- member laboratories can also be funded.

Junior Researcher (female) start-up funds
Three projects from female junior researchers within the SPP1738 will be funded with up to 25.000 Euro until the end of the first SPP1738 funding period. Eligible costs are personnel, consumables and animal costs.

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